IGNITE commerce

Jorge Fernández-Gallardo


Jorge is Founder and CEO of IGNITE, the full e-commerce company that accelerates the digital transformation in Mexico and Latin America.

Jorge started his dream in 2015 as a pioneer in Mexico, to later become a key player in the e-commerce ecosystem. He recalls the many changes and adaptations that had to occurred, to master the e-commerce efficient experience of today.

Jorge has a sixth sense to detect a business opportunity. He is the most curious when a subject like innovation, artificial intelligence, or economic development comes up. While living in New York, he found his life’s work in e-commerce because he couldn’t bear that something so functional could be many years behind, when comparing e-commerce in Mexico and Latam with the US, Europe, and Asia.

Before IGNITE, Jorge gained corporate experience working on consulting, marketing, sales, logistics, and business development for Mckinsey, DHL, and Procter & Gamble. In addition, he was head of strategy and business growth for start ups based in Tel Aviv and New York.

Jorge grew up in Mexico. He defines himself as an adventurer, full of crazy ideas and wishful thinking. He is an explorer of different cultures and mentalities. When he’s not at IGNITE, he practices golf, soccer, swimming, and running. He also is a avid reader who takes notes of his learning. He loves to spend weekends with his family, his close friends, and his dog Obi-Wan.

Jorge has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana. He is also an entrepreneurship mentor for the Masters program at Collective Academy.


Aldo Calcáneo



Aldo is the Head of Technology at IGNITE. He specializes in designing and implementing technological solutions that will best perform for e-commerce operations.

Aldo has been in technology since 2000, when everything was so very different. He keeps on learning new systems and trends to combine technology with business strategies. Besides being a data scientist, Aldo has a soft side; he enjoys to find talent and guide his peers to reach their personal and professional goals.

Before Ignite, Aldo was IT Director at Gentera, where he designed and created their loan and insurance platforms. Before that, he worked at sales, business strategy and IT management in DHL, HP, and Procter & Gamble.

A bit introvert, a lot analytical. Besides his close relationship with technology, Aldo is a sports fan; he’s especially into soccer and volleyball. He loves to be home with his family, and read about epic fantasy and historical novels.

Aldo has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and EGADE, and has a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Tec de Monterrey.


Juan Patricio Ramírez


He is the one to blame for the continuous growth of every online store under IGNITE’s management. He is in charge of marketing, operations, and partner strategy.

Juan Pa is well known for his experience on creating and leading successful teams. A data-driven kind of person. He likes to investigate, test, and analyze to make a move. Most of his professional experience comes from DHL Express. For a decade, he specialized in sales and operations. Among other functions, he managed the corporate accounts of HP, Dell, Motorola, Nokia, Bancomer, American Express, and Scotiabank. Later, he met his soon-to-be passion for e-commerce while leading the strategic partnership with Amazon.

Juan Pa is originally from Mexico and a citizen of the world, since he has lived in England, Germany, and Australia. He loves to spend his free time traveling, reading and playing paddel tennis. He is happily married and lives with his wife and their three dogs: Rumba, Samba, and Gregorio.

JP has an MBA from the University of Texas and the EGADE, and is Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Tec de Monterrey.


Roberto González


As Head of Operations and Customer Care, Roberto is in charge of delivering quick, efficient and resolvable service. From time to time, he complements his experience by working as a consultant in logistics, gastronomic management, and event planning.

Robert is an enthusiast; avid for new challenges and projects. He’s the energetic, goal-oriented type of manager that every work team wished to have. He’s convinced that there’s always something new to learn, and something to improve.

Starting at the age of 19, his working experience has been focused mainly on operation management for the gastronomic companies Café Punta del Cielo and Sushitto. This experience made him dominate the demands of an efficient service that meets the expectations of customers and clients. He later became Head of Operations at Edyen, a transportation company dedicated to school and tourism, with 160 units and 250 people under his lead.

Robert was born in Mexico City and has a mix of chilango, chiapanese, and yucatec. He’s a football and basketball player and fan, with a height of 1.92 cms that really helps. He´s also happily married and passionate about traveling and discovering new places, food and cultures.

Robert has a degree in International Business from Escuela Bancaria y Comercial.

Daniela Guerra

Marketing Head

Daniela is Head of Marketing Strategy and UX. Since she was at IGNITE from the very beginning, she created a methodology that covers marketing disciplines in 360°: from traffic building, to conversion and loyalty.

Dani is a natural inquirer who’s always working out ways to improve results in sales. She has a deep understanding of customer psychology due to her vast experience in Procter & Gamble. A perfect blend of taking care of budget, return over investment, discipline, and superior execution, is her style of management.

In addition to her extensive marketing and media experience, Dani is also a trained business coach. She’s been invited in several occassions to participate in the forum Consejo de Investigación de Medios.

Dani is a wife, a mother, and a marketer who found her alter ego in psychology, antrophology, and human development. She followed her hunch to dedicate part of her time as a family and couples counselor.

Dani has a Masters in Human development and Family Studies from Universidad Anahuac and a degree in Economy from Universidad Panamericana.


IGNITE commerce

José Luis Curi


José Luis is Head of Finance at IGNITE. Also known as Curi, he joined IGNITE as Chief of Staff. A people person, he has a way to read and comprehend others.

Before Ignite, he worked as analyst at Bison Investment. Prior to this, he was Country Manager of the non-profit AIESEC in Lebanon. This experience expanded his development in the entrepreneurial, financial and social field.

His mixed background made Curi prominent in handling work teams, business operations, and financial management.

Even though he’s from Toluca, Curi comes from a family of Lebanese migrants and entrepreneurs who came to Mexico in search of opportunities. Back in Lebanon, he had the chance to work with migrants from Syria and Palestine; an experience that molded his life and career.

A Challenge lover. He’s into box and paddel tennis, and also tries to read one book per week. Curi is really sharp at mental calculation; he competes with himself as a hobby. He has a dog named Habibi, an arabic word meaning “my love”.

Jose Luis Curi has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Studies from the ITAM.


Octavio Figueroa


Octavio is Head of BI and Innovation at IGNITE. As leader of new projects, he is the one to discover disruptive opportunities to continuously optimize Ignite’s resources and operations.

Tavo is a progress enthusiast. Besides his passion for innovation, he is also a Macroeconomics lecturer at ITAM, his Alma Mater.

Before Ignite, Tavo worked at Mckinsey & Co. as a consultant based in Mexico, US, and Australia. He developed projects that involved corporate strategy and innovation, manufacture efficiency, and company restructuring. He defines this experience as an executive training to understand the true meaning of research, in order to pursue a final goal. Previous to Mckinsey, Tavo worked at Banco de México as Financial Analyst.

In addition, Tavo is a dedicated volunteer, joining projects focused on construction and solar energy. He loves history, philosophy, travel, great food, and great wine. Whenever he can, he practices horse jumping, snow skiing, and badminton. His best friend comes along everywhere; a great dane called Mateo.

Octavio is an Economist from ITAM.


Roberto Pazmiño


Roberto is head of Strategic Partnerships at IGNITE. He is responsible for business development and new e-commerce clients. He has one major objective in mind: Create the best value proposition in favor of clients, business partners, and Ignite.

Roberto is devoted to maturing companies and lead them into their digital transformation in a successful way. He’s also obsessed with pleasing even the most demanding customers, as he places himself in their shoes all the time.

Better known as Pazmiño, he has a way to relate with charm among clients; a natural skill he mastered during his past experience at Procter & Gamble. While at P&G, he excelled in product development, sales expansion plan, talent acquisition, and team building and management. Given that he’s got a great eye for talent, he collaborated with the P&G hiring and training process in several occasions.

Pazmiño was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He moved to Mexico in 2010, after being awarded for his “outstanding academic performance”, to study at Tec de Monterrey. He also had the opportunity to live in Shangai, China, for a few months. Pazmiño really enjoys to keep exploring Mexico on the weekends and to visit frequently his family back in Ecuador.

Roberto has a bachelor degree in International Business by the ITESM (Tec de Monterrey).